If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you.

Don Marquis



I don’t even know where to begin. This scene is so heartbreaking if you focus on Sherlock. From the second John entered the lab at Barts, Sherlock turned on the charm, and here he is, showing off his deduction skills, which as far as he’s concerned are the most important part of who he is.

That little tired sigh in the third gif? He’s saying “there, I did my best, this is where you call me a freak and slam the door on my face”. Then there’s his pained expression while he waits for John to comment, and when you see it frame by frame it gets worse, for a second it’s almost as if he’s stifling tears. And at last that “what did he just say?” look in the last gif, because this hasn’t happened before, because he’s genuinely shocked that John has just praised him.

I don’t care if you ship them or not, this, right here, is human nature in its purest expression. And some superb acting.

I love this scene.

The Fray’s Scars and Stories

This is my favorite album of The Fray.

Talking about songs, I’m a person who will get mesmerized by the depth of lyrics. Scars and Stories has got it, despite of the mixed review and people scorns about Isaac Slade’s singing style.

I found out that most of its tracks are based on Slade and Joe King’s mashed ideas. It’s interesting to know their creative process. Let’s take look of Slade talking about 1961:

Joe and I wrote most of it in New Orleans about how the Berlin Wall made the city a divided family until President Reagan came along and said, “Enough!” Sometimes it just takes somebody standing up and saying, “Enough!”

And my recent favorite song, Rainy Zurich, talking about King missing home on tour:

This was on tour. I was in Zurich. We had just gotten in. This was during the second record tour. I hadn’t been home for a good couple of months, and literally, I just got to my room - it was pouring outside, I’d been in a plane all day, cooped up in plane, and I was tired, but I didn’t want to just stay in the room. Another cold hotel room with modern lamps and TVs mounted on the walls. I was just so annoyed about where I was at, physically.

So being in a beautiful city, I decided to go outside and walk in the rain, and so I just got outside, and pretty much, I felt like I was the only one out in the city. It was probably eleven at night, I was walking through the alleyways and streets of Zurich, soaking wet. I got back to the room and started writing. I was missing home and missing feeling.

I felt like I was dried up and so I kind of started messing around with this song. I was also missing my honey at that time. I was wanting her and couldn’t be with her and so there’s this element of desire in the song of this need that’s unmet that I cannot meet and what that was doing to me. So I just kind of captured that night with this one.

More about this can be found at this site.

Sudah lama nggak nulis posting orisinal. 

Sebenarnya saya kangen nulis-nulis di Tumblr, tetapi terkendala oleh beberapa faktor berikut:

  • Sibuk. Saya lebih sering menghabiskan waktu di kampus dan akhirnya pulang kelelahan. 
  • Bisa saja sih nulis Tumblr di kampus, but because I am a very self-aware person, I don’t find it comfortable, though most of my friends don’t intend to notice my activity. 
  • I’m happened to dislike my Tumblr and my writings, and ocassionally feel the urge to delete it and start over a new one. My Tumblr’s contents are too random and have no specific interests to attract any readers—that’s what I think. Yet I’m secretly glad to know some of my friends do like and appreciate them,  but again I’m a very self-aware person and it discourage me to pour out anything deeper. 
  • My previous writings are don’t match to my desire. It’s like I want to explain A which can be extracted to be B, but in my writing it becomes C instead. Fortunately, there are Ernest Hemingway’s writing tips, which are suit to what I look for. Now I’m struggling on my writing focus. 
  • Some meaningful stuffs are considered being private. Saya belum bisa memisahkan atau memberi batas antara hal-hal pribadi dengan yang layak dibaca oleh umum pada tulisan. 
  • There’s simply no enough Internet connections.

I wish I could write things simply yet insightful, dan bermanfaat untuk orang-orang di luar sana. Mungkin ini cuma perihal menemukan topik kesukaan dan orang yang tepat untuk berbagi. Hmmm…


A cat listens to the radio, 1926 (via)


A cat listens to the radio, 1926 (via)